RISC OS line termination

Alex Waugh ajw498 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 24 07:26:41 PST 2002

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Peter Naulls wrote:

> What order does Unix use when it needs to output both? (if it's
> consistent).

I don't know. Does it ever output both?

> My concern here are that (a) we get them _all_ - this
> means looking very carefully at the terminal, I/O and formatting code.

I'm fairly sure there's only one function in tty.c that needs changing (I
did investigate this a while ago, albeit for a different reason). However,
there are lots of __os_print() debug calls that output \r\n all over the
place. Whether these need changing though is debatable.



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