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Nick Burrett nick at
Mon Jun 10 11:16:21 PDT 2002

Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Nick Burrett wrote:
>>Stefan Bellon wrote:
>>>... I think there's an extern declaration missing in some header
>>>file, otherwise you can't use it. Or is there some other way of
>>>setting such internal features that I'm not aware of?
>>I couldn't decide whether or not to have an explicit extern decl.
>>It is now declared in <unixlib/features.h>
> Thanks, that's fixed now, but the logic in source/unix/dev.c is wrong,
> I think. It should read ...
>     if (regs[0] == 2 || (!__feature_imagefs_is_file && regs[0] == 3))
> ... as we want it to be treated as directory if the feature is *not*
> set.

Hmm. Classic bit of non-thinking on my behalf.  Fixed.  How many more 
bugs can I introduce into five lines of code !


Nick Burrett
Development Manager, Designer Servers Ltd.

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