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> Dear All,
> Is it possible for readdir() to return filenames in the RISC OS style?

Yes, it can.

> Currently (*) it seems to swap '/' in the filenames for '.' which kind
> of messes things up for me.
> I thought that
> UnixEnv$robodoc$nonametrans 1
> might be what I want (where robodoc is the name of the program),

Yes, this is one way to do it, the other is to #include
<unixlib/local.h> and then define a global variable in your program
called __riscosify_control and set its value to __RISCOSIFY_NO_PROCESS

> but on
> running the program it immediately exits with the backtrace:
>  pc:    25470 sp:  1bfffa4 ^post_signal()
>  pc:    3376c sp:  1bfed84 __h_cback()
>  pc:    281d4 sp:  1bfee98 ^features()
>  pc:    2825c sp:  1bfef2c __runtime_features()
>  pc:    21014 sp:  1bfef78 __unixinit()

I've just commited a fix for a bug that is the likely cause of this.


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