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Sat Apr 17 03:02:48 PDT 2004

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          James Bursa <bursa at> wrote:

> Hi,
> This patch makes some improvements to the handler for RISC OS errors.
> 1. Print the error message for non-serious errors, as long as there is no 
> signal handler for SIGOSERROR (currently the only output is "Termination 
> signal received: RISC OS error").
> 2. Print the pc that RISC OS stored with the error.
> 3. Dump floating point registers for FP errors.
> However, I'm not sure that this is correct for pthreads, because I
> notice that  the error buffer is copied for some reason in
> __h_error_entry.

The error buffer is copied so that _kernel_last_oserror is thread safe.
Your patch is OK as context switching is disabled during the signal
handler. However, what happens if a SIGEMT is manually raised, e.g.
when the stack extension code runs out of memory? I think it will print
an out of date or uninitialised error message in this case.


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