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Tue Dec 14 09:45:00 PST 2004

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          Nick Burrett <nick at sqrt.co.uk> wrote:

> I have re-instated the calls to riscos_to_unix.  Here's the example that
> I was referring to:
> *gcc c.test -o test
> Error: File 'c.test' is not of the right format or is corrupt
> Drlink: Link failed with 1 error
> ld fatal error: program /gccpkg:bin/drlink returned exit status 3072:
> *gcc -c test.c -o test
> gcc: c.test: linker input file unused because linking not done

Ok, here's what I propose to do.

GCC/as/ld all make use of rname.c, which not only is repeated code, but
also inferior to Unixlib functionality.  'as' also includes uname.c, for
purposes of SCL linking.  However, libscl has included __riscosify for
some time, so this can go.   I've also made a few other minor changes so
'as' builds with libscl as it once did.  If nothing else, it's smaller
than the Unixlib version. (134k vs 238k).

The call to rname() can be replaced by __unixify() in the 3 programs,
and will therefore deal with the above case, and also deal properly with
the reason I removed the call at all.

The only thing this won't deal with is the RISC OS path prefixing in
Unix, so I guess we'll retain some code to do that in GCC.

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