GCC 3.4.4 Release 1 for RISC OS

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sat Dec 25 04:15:14 PST 2004

GCC is a free collection of compilers that provide the user with a
powerful tool for translating C, C++ and Fortran source into fast ARM
assembler that is suitable for execution on RISC OS.

GCCSDK is a portable build environment for creating ARM executables to
be run natively on RISC OS. The build environment is designed to be
hosted on a Unix-like system, such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or Windows
(under Cygwin).

See http://gccsdk.riscos.info/ for download information.

This is release 1 of GCC 3.4.4 for RISC OS, and includes substantial
improvements over previous versions both in the compiler and bundled

Notable changes include:

  * Update to GCC 3.4.4 from upstream including updated C++ library.
    GCC 3.4.4 has speed improvements over previous versions.
  * Filename handling overhaul - tools are now able toFor the complete list of changes to GCC and Unixlib, please see the
enclosed ChangeLogs.

For full download instructions, mailing list information and bug
reporting instructions, please visit

http://gccsdk.riscos.info/ - The main distribution for GCC.

GCCSDK Developers, Xmas 2004.

Peter Naulls - peter at chocky.org        | http://www.chocky.org/

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