GPL code in Unixlib

Peter Naulls peter at
Sat Dec 25 12:01:07 PST 2004

Unixlib currently contains a small amount of GPL code.  I'm keen to
replace this with LGPL or BSD style code.  There's 3 sections I've

regex.c: This is a version that was taken from somewhere. I will replace
this with the glibc version as part of my glibc rearrangements.

_swi.s: Our _swi() implementation is taken from Straylight which is GPL.
I don't have any immediate suggestions on how to replace this.

_longlong.s:  Some of this code is taken from the RISC OS 5 HAL. Most of
this code is pretty simple, and is only linked in if you're using 64-bit
ints with Norcroft.  Perhaps John can comment further on this.

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