GCC 3.4.4 Release 1 for RISC OS

Nick Burrett nick at sqrt.co.uk
Sun Dec 26 04:09:46 PST 2004

Tony van der Hoff said:
> I checked this out from CVS onto my Mandrake 10 box. Ran Automake &
> Autoheader; ran configure, all OK. Ran make; quite soon into the build,
> got
> gcc: options.c: No such file or directory
> (More detaail attached). Indeed options.c does not exist in the gcc/gcc
> directory.

options.c is an auto-generated file by a program called opts.sh.  I
suggest you delete options.h and then re-run make.

> I also get a bunch of warnings about various structures used but not
> defined; I assume these can be ignored?

These are probably caused by the 'gtype' application for garbage
collection and can be safely ignored.



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