Unixlib versioning

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon Dec 27 13:48:41 PST 2004

After a bit of a chat with John Tytgat, we're proposing the following.

Noting that Unixlib doesn't currently build in RISC OS with Norcroft
(because of glibc imports) and in light of previous discussions
regarding the increasing unlikeliness in future of building Unixlib with
it, we suggest that we fix it one more time, and call it version 4 of
Unixlib, and maintain this for a while for bug fixes, etc.

At the same time, the changes I'm making will become version 5.  John
will do a RISC OS build system for this too - but using GCC in RISC OS.

We can do a maintenance release in a few weeks (unless there's an urgent
reason sooner), incorporating John's changes, and the GPL code removal
and any bugs that come up during that time.

Matches with version numbers of RISC OS are entirely coincidental ;-)

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