GCC 3.3 status 2004-01-04

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Mon Jan 5 02:59:11 PST 2004

John Tytgat wrote:
> In message <3FF852A8.8010201 at dsvr.net>
>           Nick Burrett <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:
>>GCC 3.3 is very slow, especially the C++ compiler. Profiling suggests 
>>that the majority of time taken is actually in the parsing of the source 
>>code.  I'm not sure what to do about it.
> Any idea if this could be the underlying UnixLib I/O being slowly ? Or
> is it really the GCC parsing code itself ?

I think it's the actual parsing.

I seem to remember some people complaining that UnixLib's I/O was slow. 
  I wonder if there's any benchmarks we can use to look at this.

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