GCCSDK allocation request

David Marston david at illudium.org.uk
Tue Jan 20 14:45:16 PST 2004

In message <310be6724c.Jo at hobbes.bass-software.com>
          John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> wrote:

> - Although there isn't a real pressure anymore to change "Unix:" usage
>   into something else (like "UnixLib:"), it might be a good moment to
>   do it anyway.  We now have exclusive ownership of "UnixLib:", so why
>   not do it ?
>   I'm willing to do the work in UnixLib but I'm unsure about the changes
>   elsewhere in the GCC tree.  Suggestions ?

I think changing it to UnixLib: would be worthwhile. As far as I can
tell it's not actually used anywhere in the GCC tree any more other than
being described in documentation, and in the library spec in
gcc/gcc/config/arm/riscos-elf.h (which I don't think is used anyway).

> - As said before, a large set of OS system variables which are now
>   in use by GCCSDK is not yet registered so a rename is needed :
>   - GCCbin*
>   - GCCpkg*
>   - GCCsys*
>   - GCClcl*
>   - GNATada
>   - GNATInc
>   - GNATlib
>   - ...
>   Nick suggested to move this under GCC$* like :
>   - GCC$bin$
>   - GCC$pkg$
>   - GCC$gnat$ada
>   - GCC$gnat$inc
>   - ...
>   Someone volunteering to do this ?

I started doing this, and it didn't work :) Just before somebody else
makes the same mistake I did, renaming GCCbin$Path to GCC$bin$Path
doesn't work (FileSwitch doesn't seem happy with the $ in the middle of
GCC$bin: which is reasonable I guess). The same goes for the other path
variables, so I think we need another plan for these.

> - The suggestion to change the UnixLib "<program name>$heap" into
>   feature "UnixEnv$heap" / "UnixEnv$<program name>$heap" : shall I make the
>   necessary changes in UnixLib ?

Sounds good to me.

> - Documentation of the current allocations.  Where needs this to happen ?

There's no obvious place for top level GCCSDK developer documentation as
far as I can see, other than the README and TODO in the root. Maybe a
new top level docs directory?

David Marston
david at illudium.org.uk

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