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> Alex Waugh said:
> > Nick Burrett wrote:
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> >> Alex,
> >>
> >> Could you have a look at implementing the 'sigwait' function in UnixLib
> >> ?
> >> I am uncertain if/how you are handling signal delivery to threads.  This
> >> would be most useful to improve Ada Tasks support.
> >
> > Currently the signal handling doesn't have any concept of delivering a
> > signal to a particular thread. I'll investigate how difficult that would
> > be.
> OK, that's what I suspected.  I think it will entail a fair bit of work.

I've had a quick look at it now, and I agree that it would be a fair
bit of work to implement it properly. However, I think it would be
possible to implement a partial solution without too much effort, by
making use of condition variables. A call to sigwait would cause a wait
on a condition variable, then a call to pthread_kill would signal the
condition variable before raising the signal. Normal signals wouldn't
cause sigwait to return. Would something like that be good enough for


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