GCCSDK GCC 3.4.5 Release 1 for RISC OS now available

John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Wed Feb 15 14:46:35 PST 2006

GCC is a free collection of compilers that provide the user with a powerful
tool for translating C, C++ and Fortran source into fast ARM assembler that
is suitable for execution on RISC OS.

GCCSDK is a portable build environment for creating ARM executables to be run
natively on RISC OS. The build environment is designed to be hosted on an
Unix-like system, such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or Windows (under Cygwin).

See <URL:http://gccsdk.riscos.info/> for download information.

This is first and probably only release of GCC 3.4.5 for RISC OS.

New features:

* Update to full GCC 3.4.5 release.  See
  <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.4/changes.html#3.4.5> for more
  information about this release.

* RISC OS modules can now be created in C++ too.

* cmunge: Upgraded to v0.72 which now contains GCCSDK support and several
  bugs fixes and enhancements.  All details in !gcc.docs.CMunge.History.
  Many thanks to Justin Fletcher for his full support.

* Porting tools are now using the environment variables GCCSDK_INSTALL_ENV
  and GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN to locate their files.  This allows easy
  switching between multiple cross-compiler versions or installation at
  non-default directories.

* Included Andreas Dehmel's DRenderer v0.52 source & binary which recently
  became GPL licensed.  Any future development of DRenderer can happen in
  the GCCSDK project.

Important bug fixes:

* Longstanding Fortran COMMON bug is fixed.

* Calling SharedCLibrary functions (-mlibscl option) having one or more
  float arguments resulted in wrong behaviour.  This is now fixed.

* as: Under some circumstances, reserved AOF symbol attributes were set
  and this could be triggered too by GCC usage of 'as'.
  drlink: A warning is given when unsupported/reserved AOF symbol
  attributes are detected.

* UnixLib's regex implementation is now derived from the PostgreSQL codebase
  resulting in significantly faster timings.

* UnixLib got several bug fixes which improved its stability and its API

* The module SharedUnixLibrary got two important bug fixes resulting in
  version 1.09.

* Removed the old (26 bit only) rink version.  Use the latest 26/32 bit
  neutral version at <URL:http://www.compton.nu/rink.html>.

For the complete list of changes to GCC and Unixlib, please consult the
documentation enclosed in the GCCSDK release.

We would like to thank all contributors for their work and their time spent.

GCCSDK Developers, 15 February 2007.
John Tytgat, in his comfy chair at home                                 BASS
John.Tytgat at aaug.net                             ARM powered, RISC OS driven

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