UnixLib with the Castle tools

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 00:39:35 PST 2006


I am trying to use UnixLib with the Castle C/C++. There is no great 
reason for this other than that it is there and should be good 
"learning curve". How to do it is in !UnixLib.!Help. Using UnixLib 4.3 
that is with gcc 3.4.5 release 1 I get these errors compiling a simple 
"Hello world".

Norcroft RISC OS ARM C vsn 5.64 [01 Feb 2006] (David_Pitt)
ARM Linker: (Error) Undefined symbol(s).
ARM Linker:     ___arm_alloca_alloc, referred to from 
ARM Linker:     __muldi3, referred to from UnixLib:o.unixlib(o).
ARM Linker: Errors in link, no output generated.
ARM Linker: finished,  3 informational, 0 warning and 1 error 

With an earlier UnixLib 4.0 from gcc 2.95.4 the linking completes and 
a working absolute results.

I have seen this subject in archived posts where some source changes 
are suggested. At this point my enthusiasm collided with my ignorance. 
How do I compile UnixLib. Setting the directory with the MakeFile to 
be current I get no further than this :-

Makefile:1050: *** target pattern contains no `%'.  Stop.

David Pitt.

Castle Iyonix, RISC OS 5.10.

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