drlink failure with new release

Adam lists at snowstone.org.uk
Sun Feb 19 02:52:22 PST 2006

Hi All,

Last night I downloaded the new version of GCC, and this morning I went to
re-compile my program, but the linking failed with the following error:

   drlink          -rescan     -Output !RunImage  -VIA @.Sourcery.Via
   Drlink AOF Linker v0.42 (Feb 15 2006) [GCCSDK 3.4.5 (RISC OS GCCSDK 3.4.5 Release 1)] 
   Warning: Symbol 'LoseIcon' in 'Libraries.Event.o.Event(DeskLib:o.DeskLib)' has unsupported AOF symbol attributes (00000080). It might be that you are using one or more AOF files produced by an older 'as' version which contained a bug causing this problem. 
   Warning: Symbol 'DecrementUsage' in 'Libraries.Event.o.Event(DeskLib:o.DeskLib)' has unsup [...]
...followed by about 25 more similar lines. I'm using version 2.70 of
DeskLib (though it says 2.60 in the !Help file).

Can anyone suggest what I've done wrong?

Thanks a lot,
Adam Richardson          Carpe Diem

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