Fortran front-end g77 requires libfrtbegin

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> Hello GCCSDK developers,
> Another one that should go to bugzilla, but it still does not want to
> send a password to addresses.  (Further comments about
> bugzilla should probably be handled by private mail, it is not really
> related to this list.)

I guess Nick could help you here.  Nick ?

> Compiling a Fortran program with g77 results in the following message:
> (Trivial test program:
>       WRITE (*,*) "test"
>       END
> )
> *g77 anyfortranprogram.f
> ld fatal error: library file libfrtbegin not found
> Other options do not matter and GCCSDK version 3.4.4 rel. 3 shows the
> same problem.
> Compiling/linking with gcc ... -lg2c works as it should.
> The problem seems to be line 263 of gcc/gcc/f77/g77spec.c.  Change
> use_init on that line to 1 and -lfrtbegin will no longer be added
> to the link command line.  Or add a dummy libfrtbegin.

I applied your use_init fix so it should become available in the next
GCCSDK release (most probably based on GCC 3.4.6).

> Hope this helps improving GCCSDK,

Jazeker, alle kleine beetjes helpen.

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