Fortran front-end g77 requires libfrtbegin

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Wed Feb 22 02:34:15 PST 2006

Hello John and the rest of the list,

On 21 Feb, John Tytgat wrote:

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>           Bob Brand <bob.brand at> wrote:

> > Compiling a Fortran program with g77 results in the following message:

> > The problem seems to be line 263 of gcc/gcc/f77/g77spec.c.  Change
> > use_init on that line to 1 and -lfrtbegin will no longer be added
> > to the link command line.  Or add a dummy libfrtbegin.
> I applied your use_init fix so it should become available in the next
> GCCSDK release (most probably based on GCC 3.4.6).

You may want to check that that version comes with a newer g77spec
file.  I just found an older version: 3.4.3 (for linux/x86 on mandrake
2005) and that does have a libfrtbegin.  That lib. contains the actual
main() function to be used after the fortran to C translation.  So it
may be something left over/not changed from an earlier version.
> > Hope this helps improving GCCSDK,
> Jazeker, alle kleine beetjes helpen.
> Bedankt,

Graag gedaan.


Bob Brand.

Bob Brand

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