[gccsdk] Autobuilder - patch to get some packages to build

Francis Devereux francis at devrx.org
Wed Apr 4 05:48:24 PDT 2007


Over the past few days I have installed gccsdk (3.4.6 branch) and the
autobuilder on my gentoo linux box and have built a few packages.  I came
across a few packages that wouldn't build due to out-of date patches or
missing dependencies.  I thought I'd send in my changes in case they are
useful, although some of them are probably incorrect because of my lack of
experience with the autobuilder.

PuTTY builds with this patch but the main PuTTY program still gives an error when run (I'm away from my RiscPC at the moment, let me know if you want more details).

- openssh
Builds and runs as a Nettle ANSI task, although space is somehow converted to backspace so it isn't very useful.

- madplay

- desklib
There is a better solution than my change (John Tytgat's patch) but I didn't know about it until this morning ;-)

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