[gccsdk] Firefox 2, Thunderbird 2 in GCCSDK autobuilder

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Thu Nov 29 21:04:47 PST 2007

I've just added these to the autobuilder.  Assuming you've built the
current GCCSDK ok (and really make sure you have all the very recent
updates or there will be tears), you'll want to do something like:

<path-to-autobuilder>/build -v -D firefox2

This'll build the package along with the many dependencies, but leave
the source in place afterwards. Might take 1/2 hour or more, depending
upon your hardware.

Likewise for Thunderbird 2.  The former is, which hasn't yet
been released yet, so might have a couple more changes from upstream.
The latter is

There aren't any special RISC OS improvements in these versions, apart
from incidental changes made to GCC and UnixLib over the last year or

Please tell me about any build failures - here if it's short, otherwise
email me.


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