[gccsdk] a few issues i have found in the autobuilder so far

neil at cloudsprinter.com neil at cloudsprinter.com
Wed Apr 23 12:40:53 PDT 2008

sorry this isnt an extensive proper bug report style list, i've been messing
around with the autobuilder all afternoon, didn't keep notes, so i am reporting
some findings as best i can right now..

libpng -

 the version of png the setvars tries to connect is nolonger avaliable at the
address, i tried simply changin to the next version up 1.2.25->26 but it failed
on one line of patching i think, so i just found a mirror of the .25 version and
used that.

libsqlite3 = tcl oddietes

i added the source for unixlib sqlite3 to the builder with an empty set vars,
after i built readlines5 (build reported no errors) and tcl (build reported no
errors) on building sqlite3 it failed trying to run tclsh8.4 saying it couldnt 
execute the binary.

erm, my brain is too fried to remember..

oslib didnt want to package and didnt appear to give me anything i could use
riscos side ( i was hoping to compile sqlite3 riscos side )

libsvg didnt build, but i didnt really look into why

oh yes.. sdl-ttf2.0 wouldnt build because of freetype, so i built freetype6 but
it still complained it couldnt find the freetype dependancies or similar

i think thats it..

sdl sdlimage sdlmixer sdlgfx all compiled and packaged, tho i havnt actually
built anything with them as a test yet.

i'll keep more of a comprehensive log next time i am messing around.. promise..


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