[gccsdk] Autobuilder packaging site and ELF

Adam lists at snowstone.org.uk
Tue Feb 5 00:46:48 PST 2008

In message <BAY101-W203CD23785707A32F81FE4F0330 at phx.gbl>, alan buckley wrote:
> > On Sat, 2 Feb 2008 18:57:10 +0100 John Tytgat wrote:
> > In message  alan buckley  wrote:
> > > [snip]
> > 2) With -pkg switch we create zip files and riscpkg files. Or are we
> > going to drop zip deliverables ?

I don't see much reason to keep the plain zip files. The packaged files
are just a plain zip file but with a couple of text files and a
directory structure, so it's not much of an imposition on the
non-riscpkg user (especially so if/when we get the non-riscpkg system up
and running).

> > > As we have no way of simplifying installation without using
> > > riscpkg presently, I will add notes to the manual installation
> > > page on the autobuilder website to tell users what to do so set up
> > > the elf system by hand by copying the various components out of
> > > the relevant package zip files.
> >
> > I'm a bit afraid by this idea : wouldn't it be better to have a
> > suitable named file in the root of each zip file explaining what to
> > do for those wanting to do a manual install ? Something like a "How
> > To Install This Manually" named file ?
> I don't know what would be best here. As there isn't a plan for
> people who don't want to use riscpkg I just thought a few
> instructions on the web site to get these people running for now
> was the best that could be done.

I agree. I don't think you should go out of your way to worry about
things like instructions (or set precedent about where instructions go!)
until the final system (whatever that may be) is decided.

Adam Richardson          Carpe Diem

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