[gccsdk] Cygwin package builds

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Feb 5 17:03:02 PST 2008

Adam wrote:
> In message <1fe3766b4f.peter at chocky.org>, Peter Naulls wrote:
>> Guys, can you try builds of the firefox2
> Following Alan's autoconf patch, I've just been having a go at this.
> (GCC4.1.1, Cygwin)
> I had to manually build tcp-wrappers and orbit OK but got stuck at
> libxt6:
>   Autobuilder: Calling setvars
>   util/makestrs.c:33:21: X11/Xos.h: No such file or directory
>   Package libxt6: ***Failure***
>   Build for package "libxt6" failed

There's a load of X dependencies that you'll need too.  I'm help
Alan fix this.  I think that file is in ChoX11.

> I also noticed a "Checking for Cygwin: no" line at some point early on...

Well, I hope so. We're build for RISC OS ;-)

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