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Adam lists at snowstone.org.uk
Thu Feb 14 09:53:14 PST 2008

In message <47B0A8D9.5080000 at chocky.org>, Peter Naulls wrote:

Re. discussion at: http://www.riscos.info/index.php/User:Jymbob
> [the upshot is:] the front page is an uninspiring and arguably busy
> black and white table, making it hard to find information.
> I'll therefore open the floor to suggestions of what you'd like to see

I agree with the points that the front page content could be
re-organised and that the default stylesheet could be improved. For the
former, I'll have a go at a sample re-design sometime in the next week
or so, to prompt discussion (unless someone beats me to it).

Regarding stylesheets - I don't have much artistic ability so would be
inclined to just pick one of the ones from the source Theo referred to.

A couple of specific things (repeated here for completeness) I'd like to
- a site search box in the "toolbox" on the left
- remove the "events" pages as it never has any content
- a CSS sheet with more distinction between the heading levels


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