[gccsdk] Firefox 2 release 3 error on startup

root mistymornings at casema.nl
Fri Feb 22 12:32:10 PST 2008

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          Adam <lists at snowstone.org.uk> wrote:

>In message <e0b23c754f.root at casema.nl>, root wrote:
>> I'm getting an error message, 'Internal Error: undefined instruction at
>> &0108BF14' on starting up Firefox 
>> This is either with the new version as standalone, or when copied over
>> the Christmas 2006 release version.
>Out of interest, why did you copy it over an old version?
That is what the OP said he did. 
>> I've removed all the extensions from
>> the existing version and then copied that to another location and copied
>> the version over it. This has not made any difference and the
>> error persists.
>> RISC OS 5.13 ROL toolbox modules, 512MB RAM Geminus 1.31.
>> Constructive suggestions welcome.
>Have you tried deleting !Boot.Choices.Firefox as per the help file?
Yes it makes no difference.

I am loath to do this as this then stops FF2 release 2 from starting
up, which is the latest version that works here. The only way to get it
going is to copy the /mozilla folder created by FF2 release 1 over into

Stan Williams &
Damae Jannette Jongkind

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