[gccsdk] Cygwin + autobuilder progress

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Wed Feb 27 21:53:30 PST 2008

Having fixed a minor issue, Cygwin is now chugging through trying to
autobuild the firefox2 package.  It's clearly not going to complete
before I go to bed ;-)

In any case, the tedium of actually building the compiler itself was too
much for me, and I used binaries that Alan supplied.  For now, I'm not
so worried about that, but any improvements in having others build it
might be good if someone needs to rebuild UnixLib, etc.

My setup is pretty straight forward - I installed all the packages that
are mentioned on the Wiki, along with the additional X11 one I mentioned
earlier.  I don't have any old versions of packages, although I did
install the unsupported autogen to try and build it earlier.   I
additionally have a /usr/bin/autoconf2.61 symlink to
/usr/local/bin/autoconf (could go in /home/riscos/env/ too) and also ran
./install-env from our gcc4 sources.

I suspect in practice that the firefox2 package checks will fail, and
I'll need to install some extra stuff, but that's minor.  I will
additionally ensure that gnash can build.   I don't plan to try anything
else unless someone has an explicit problem with a package that doesn't
build under Cygwin, since it's so much slower, and with Alan's
dependency handling, there shouldn't be too much that hasn't already
been taken care of that won't also be relevant to Linux.

My intention in both the x86 Linux (my normal platform is actually
AMD64) and Cygwin cases is to provide prebuilt toolchains (and if
someone else is keen, Mac OS X).  These can easily be scripted to a
couple of commands to download and set themselves up and run a sample
build.   Is there a command line package install command for Cygwin?

Any questions?   Good luck.

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