[gccsdk] Packaging compiler - was Autobuilder libraries

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 4 00:57:19 PST 2008

> On  Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:58:21 -0800 Peter Naulls wrote:
> Adam wrote:
>> In message , Peter Naulls wrote:
>>> I'm still fighting some minor issues with gnome-libs, imlib and some
>>> others, but most of the libraries now build fully and correctly with the
>>> very lastest GCC4 - at least for me on Debian Unstable - YMMV, and if it
>>> does, please tell us.
>> As per other posts here, I've just got a Cygwin-based autobuilder up and
>> running (though using 3.4.6 at the moment). I'm happy to test things out
>> if it's helpful.
> As with one other post, it wasn't real clear what version you were
> using. I encourage anyone with issues to make sure about which version
> it is, if from SVN, make sure you have the very latest.
> The problem is that it's almost certain that without ongoing maintenance
> the 3.4.6 version of the tools is going to fail many of the autobuilder
> packages. (e.g, very recent improvements to ro-config), and it's
> of questionable value, not to mention a resource sap, to maintain it.
> What we still don't have, is someone to try the GCC 4.1 build on Cygwin.
> I haven't had a chance to do this yet, but I'm sure we can easily work
> through the issues if someone else wants to try.

Does this mean that I should be switching to GCC4.1 to build the autobuilder

My initial thought was that I should stick to the last released compiler. But
it sounds as if this is becoming less pratical as we move to GCC4.1.

If I should move to GCC4.1 can someone clear up a few points for me.
1. Is the autobuilder set to produce AOF applications with GCC4.1?
2. Does the autobuilder produce ELF or AOF libraries with GCC4.1?
3. If I should be shipping ELF apps/libraries has there been a
decision on how to ship the ELF loader and shared libraries?
I will need to create packages to install them before
I can package up any ELF program.
4. I assume I would need to create a temporary package for the latest
SharedUnixLibrary until the RiscPkg site catches up. Is this stable now?


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