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> > Peter Naulls wrote:
> > > Perhaps we can also have some opinions on how shared libraries ought 
> > > to be distributed - wrt to packaging and !DSO-Libs.
> > 
> > [snip !DSO-Libs]
> Has there been any further discussion on the issues raised in the
> "Shared Library Distribution" thread from a while ago? E.g. Martin
> Wuerthner's contribution and Alan Buckley's thoughts? (And not
> forgetting the important issue of a nice name as raised by Theo
> Markettos ;) )

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Hmm, OK, well, let me summarise the main discussion from then, as I saw
it. I am sure I will make some miss-quotes so apologies in advance, and
corrections are welcome!

 The current (default) system is just that libraries get included in a
 skeleton DSO-Libs and it's down to the user to merge it with the
 "master" DSO-Libs.

 Martin argued that this is an imperfect system which is likely to result
 in user-error. In particular he pointed out that it leads to confusion
 about the difference between the "master" DSO-Libs and the "skeleton"

 As an alternative, he suggested that the "master" DSO-Libs should be an
 active object which would handle the merging, invoked by the !Run file
 of the distributed library.[1]

 Alan suggested a scheme based around libPkg which would be a super-set
 of the scheme outlined by Martin.

 There was a small amount of discussion about names, with no-one
 objecting to !SharedLib. I suggest that be adopted.


If it's of any use, I'd be willing to volunteer to put together a scheme
based on Martin's suggestions.


[1] This has shades of the old Impression document-directory approach to
me. How about the distributed libraries just being a single file
(perhaps a zip file with a different filetype) which, when
double-clicked, would invoke the merge tool?

Adam Richardson          Carpe Diem

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