[gccsdk] GCC 4.1.1 prerelease 1: __RISCOSIFY_FILETYPE_NOT_SETnot working

Duncan Moore duncan.m00re at btinternet.com
Sat Jan 19 06:48:13 PST 2008

Peter Naulls wrote:
>          "Duncan Moore" <duncan.m00re at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> VRPC RISC OS 4.39
>> gcc (GCC) 4.1.1 (GCCSDK GCC 4.1.1 Prerelease 1)
>> __RISCOSIFY_FILETYPE_NOT_SET unset is no longer working, i.e. files
>> aren't getting filetyped.

I should have said "i.e. files always get filetyped as Text".

> Do you have a short example?

See below.

>> Also, is there a reason why this flag is intended to only work with
>> Unix names, and not RISC OS names?
> It's not real clear what you mean.  Again, an example would be good,
> with explanations of what you were expecting.

Here' a quick contrived example. If I copy !GCC.bin.gcc from 3.4.6 and 4.1.1 
to gcc346 and gcc411 respectively, and run the following commands

  *UnSet UnixEnv$gcc346$nonametrans
  *UnSet UnixEnv$gcc411$nonametrans
  *gcc346 --version > 346u.pdf
  *gcc411 --version > 411u.pdf

  *Set UnixEnv$gcc346$nonametrans ""
  *Set UnixEnv$gcc411$nonametrans ""
  *gcc346 --version > 346r/pdf
  *gcc411 --version > 411r/pdf

, I get 346u/pdf filetyped as Pdf, but the other 3 as Text.

So firstly I'm getting a difference in behaviour between gcc 3.4.6 and gcc 
4.1.1 when nonametrans is unset. gcc 3.4.6 is filetyping the file as Pdf, 
and gcc 4.1.1 as Text.

My second point was that in gcc 3.4.6 (which presumably is working as 
intended) there is a difference in filetyping between having nonametrans set 
or unset. With nonametrans unset the file is filetyped as Pdf, and with 
nonametrans set it is filetyped as Text. I have a recollection of reading 
somewhere in the documentation sometime ago that this behaviour is 
intentional. But I can't find it now, so it may be my memory at fault. I was 
wondering what the reason was for the files being filetyped differently, as 
from the users point of view it appears inconsistent.

An example not involving redirection: I have compiled the coreutils 'touch' 
utility with both gcc versions, to work with either nonametrans set or 
unset. If I do:

  *touch346 346u.pdf

etc, with nonametrans set appropriately, then I get the same results as 
above: 346u/pdf is filetyped as Pdf, and the other 3 as Text.

I had always assumed it was __RISCOSIFY_FILETYPE_NOT_SET that controlled 
this filetyping behaviour (though I've never actually confirmed this). I 
should point out that I don't actually rely on this filetyping behaviour in 
any of my own programs. I was just pointing out that it has changed between 
gcc 3.4.6 and gcc 4.1.1.


Duncan Moore

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