[gccsdk] Package naming

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon Jan 21 14:03:56 PST 2008

alan buckley wrote:

> This is probably better than the scheme I was using where I was trying
> to match the Debian name. The only complication is that by using the
> Debian name I was able to get the corrrect description from the Debian
> package files when there were several description in the file.

This shouldn't have changed.  If anything, it might work better in
some cases since the library names we're now using are much closer
to the real Debian name.  Of course, if there are issues with
specific cases, then they should be easy to fix.

> Also we will be generating multiple packages when we start generating
> shared library packages as well, so this will require two package names
> from the same directory.

I don't see any immediate problem here, but you never know ;-)

>> I'm still working through some of this, and I'll probably make some
>> revisions for handling of SVN and CVS sources etc.
> I was wondering about these cases. It's probably too much effort,
> but it would be nice if these could somehow pick up the last release
> version to build rather than always building the current work in
> progress.

We've always supported this.  Look at the setvars for the Firefox2
package and in the fetch-source script.

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