[gccsdk] Shared library status update

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 02:31:12 PST 2008

> On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:06:51 -0800 Peter Naulls wrote:
> Can we please sum up in a series of bullet points exactly how it's going
> to work? I admit I haven't followed this awfully closely, but I suspect
> even for those who have but aren't overly familiar with the subject, it
> might not be obvious. I'm after some details, but don't get too carried
> away.

This is what I'm proposing, but I'm don't know if it's agreed upon.

>From a users perspective.

1. Download a new application !SharedMan.

This would be a Universal boot configuration application.
If could be put in a zip file with the correct directory
structure to just drop it on !Boot on the users hard

2. When they want to install a new library double-click
on !Boot then choose Shared Libraries configuration.

3. The first time it runs it will automatically install
any other components the system requires.

4. Drop the new library onto the window presented
and it will give a summary of it and tell you if it's
already installed, needs something else - etc.

5. Click the Install button to install the library.

6. A window shows unpacking progress and then
confirms the installation (or not if an error occurs).

Additionally we could give library packages their
own file type so double-clicking on them would
run the program and get them to stage 4 with
the library details filled in.

7. !SharedMan would also provide buttons/
menu options to allow more details of the
library to be seen and to see what other
libraries are installed.

Optionally we may want to add buttons
to capture the output of the SOMStatus
commands and show it in a window.

Technically details.

1. New !Boot configuration program !SharedMan.

2. This includes resources for the first time its
run so it can set up the !Packages directory
needed by the package manager if it does
not already exist.

3. It will also include a packaged version of
the !SharedLib directory which is the skeleton
where the shared libraries are installed. It
will automatically install this package on
first run.

Do we want to add any other packages at
this point? e.g. Are there any basic libraries
that will be used by most ELF programs.

4. Is there also an ElfLoader that should be
installed somewhere in this step as well?

Or is the ElfLoader completely separate?

5. Installation of libraries and details on
what's already installed can all be done
using the LibPKG library.

6. Shared library packages will be created
in the riscpkg format in the location where
they will be placed in !SharedLib.

e.g. The ZlibG package may have something


1. !SharedMan was just the name I thought
of, other people may have better ideas.

2. As the shared libraries are an important
part of the system I thought it fitted into
the Universal !Boot configuration system

3. I'm not sure where !SharedLib should
go. Is it !Boot.Resources or is it somewhere
in the System directory.

4. I think people prefer !SharedLib to the
current !DSO-libs, but if we don't want
it changed just substitue !DSO-libs above.

5. Although the user interface hides the
details, we are still just putting files in
directories, so the technical people who
like to see exactly what goes where can
still look at their hard disks to see what
is actually installed.


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