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Fri Jan 25 09:53:43 PST 2008

In message <BAY101-W237AC98F64C30605F3574EF0390 at phx.gbl>, alan buckley
> [snip lots of good stuff]
> 4. Drop the new library onto the window presented and it will give a
> summary of it and tell you if it's already installed, needs something
> else - etc.

I don't think you've said anything about the format of the library
distributions themselves - presumably it would be similar (identical?)
to the RiscPkg format?[1]

In which case...

> Additionally we could give library packages their own file type so
> double-clicking on them would run the program and get them to stage 4
> with the library details filled in.

I think this would be useful as it would also prevent the casual user
double-clicking a zip file and getting in a mess extracting things
manually using SparkPlug or whatever.

> 5. Although the user interface hides the details, we are still just
> putting files in directories, so the technical people who like to see
> exactly what goes where can still look at their hard disks to see what
> is actually installed.

And, of course, one of the nice things about the RiscPkg format is that
it's just a zip file.


[1] The RiscPkg format consists of a normal zip archive containing
    two or more standardly-named directories in the root.
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