[gccsdk] Building GCC4 in Cygwin

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Jan 29 13:08:25 PST 2008

Adam wrote:

>   $ ./install-env
>   Warning: $GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN is not defined, using $GCCSDK_ROOT/cross/bin instead.
>   $GCCSDK_INSTALL_ENV is not defined
>   adamr at Lenny ~/gccsdk/gcc
>   adamr at Lenny ~/gccsdk/gcc
>   $ ./install-env
>   $GCCSDK_INSTALL_ENV is not defined
> What should I set GCCSDK_INSTALL_ENV to?

/home/riscos/env is the canonical value, but it can be anything.  There
are a couple of places still in the autobuilder where we assume this,
but I'm fixing those ASAP (my path isn't this).  If you don't have
the default value, it just needs to be set for your autobuilds.  e.g,
in build-vars as per the autobuilder documentation.

I know the variable setup and paths right now is a bit clunky.  I
had hoped to do something to improve this.

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