[gccsdk] Problems running C++ programs compiled with GCC4

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 29 05:09:39 PDT 2008

I'm still having problems with some of the C++ programs
that I've cross compiled using GCCSDK4 on Cygwin.

I've now found a smaller program without many
dependencies and am hoping there is someone
who could investigate what is going on.

I've checked in a game called tutris into the autobuilder.
It needs libsdl1.2debian built first, but that is all.
The Wimpslot in the !Run obey file needs increasing
otherwise you just get a not enough memory error.

The actual error reported varies. Lately I'm getting an
error message that says "ite pool". Reporter however
shows the same type of error that Wesnoth was

Internal error: branch through zero at &03813584

Tracing back via R14 gave the following code:

0000DFC4 LDR R3, &0000DFF4
0000DFC8 MOV R14, PC

Address 0000DFF4 contained 00000000

I've tried to figure out what is going on by looking
at the elfheader of the non converted to aif version,
but really have no idea what to look for.

Hopefully having a smaller and easier to compile
example will mean that someone can have a look
at it and help.

It looks to me as if there is some kind of error
in the code caused during the linking stage as
I assume elf2aif and the SOManager don't need
to do any relocations for a statically linked


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