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John Tytgat John.Tytgat at aaug.net
Sun May 18 05:38:43 PDT 2008

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          neil at cloudsprinter.com wrote:

> since a while back my iyonix setup has been rebuilding all files each  
> time i type make. this makes trying to build on the machine a pain.
> The latest gcc version http download was not accompanied by a make  
> binary, i used one from the previous package,

That's not wrong but FYI you could have used the latest version/build at

> what might i+it be doing wrong? the makefile behaves as expected on  
> linux except -

Use -v option to know why ?

>   I dont have the rm binary on my machine where can i get the usual  
> linux command from for my riscos library directory?

The coreutils package should be easy to do as I've recently updated the
necessary patches in Autobuilder.  Someone want to do it ?

In the meanwhile, the 'rm' binary can be found in the "tools and library
tree" link at <URL:http://www.netsurf-browser.org/documentation/robuild>.

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