[gccsdk] SDL + Iyonix - could somone run a test build

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Mon May 19 09:07:02 BST 2008

> Date: On Sun, 18 May 2008 14:27:40 +0200 John Tytgat wrote:

> In message 
> neil at cloudsprinter.com wrote:
>> i am at my dads for the weekend and i have access to is iyonix, if
>> somone has the time / means to run a test of the sdl stuff i will
>> attempt it here, i would rather i knew it was working. If noone replys
>> / cba i might have a go later anyway.
>> Stuff Needed - SDL SDL_gfx SDL_Image
>> Others - SDL_Mixer (ogg and wav support) SDL_ttf sqlite3
> At .
The problem here is that the SDL stuff in the packages is all built with
GCC3 and if Neil has make missing he is probably trying to use GCC4.

Are we getting to the position where it makes sense to replace all the
libraries in the autobuilder packages with static ELF versions?

>> Also - anyone has information about GL + SDL on iyonix?
> There was some talk to have Simon Wilson's IyonixMesa work
>  in the Autobuilder which would
> enable this much easier but I don't think much progress has been made in
> that area.

I tried to get IyonixMesa working with SDL when it first came out, but
I could not get IyonixMesa to work using unixlib and SDL is built using




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