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Mon May 19 14:17:54 PDT 2008

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> Talking about libstdc++, I assume using the standard C++ classes
> (string, iostream, stl) means the resulting executable becomes
> dependent on SharedUnixLib? Looking at the info on riscos.info I
> could not find anything to suggest that this is the case.
> I did find references that it was possible to compile/link with
> -mlibscl, but apparently that did not mean that UnixLib is *not*
> used.
> In hindsight that seems reasonable, since SCL almost certainly does
> not know anything about these C++ classes, but it surprised me
> initially.

With GCCSDK 3.4.6 you can compile your C++ code with UnixLib or
SharedCLibrary as runtime library and the latter both for application
code and module code.

For GCCSDK 4.1.1, C++ code can only be compiled with UnixLib as runtime
library at the moment.  I haven't found the time to try this with the

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