[gccsdk] Dependencies for non-Debian programs in autobuilder

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon May 26 16:11:22 BST 2008

Theo Markettos wrote:
> I've just been building a random program from a zip file of source with
> GCCSDK, and have written a setvars file for it.
> How do I go about expressing dependencies for a program that hasn't
> originally come from Debian? 

Simply create a "depends" file with the list of dependencies.

> The program says it depends on libtiff, but
> never specifies what version.  Can I codify a requirement something like
> Depends: libtiff4 >= 0

There's no version handling at present.   It could be added of course.

> (since it builds with that package which is currently in the autobuilder)
> in the autobuilder scripts somehow?
> AFAICS all the dependencies stuff in the scripts is Debian-based - is that
> true?

As a basis, we rely on the Debian unstable package list.   But you
certainly don't have to be running Debian.

> Also what's the shared libraries position - will such rules eventually turn
> into RiscPkg dependencies so that the shared library is pulled in on
> installation?

Don't know; that may be the case.

> FWIW I'm building AOF on GCC 3 at the moment.

Realistically, due to the amount of time we have, that combination isn't
entirely supported.  It may or may not work for certain items.


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