[gccsdk] Bug in exception handling in GCC4

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon Dec 21 08:45:38 PST 2009

Alan Buckley wrote:
> Lee Noar wrote on December 15, 2009
>> alan buckley wrote:
>>> I've managed to reduce the code sample I posted
>>> a while ago about a crash in the GCC4 compiler
>>> to a lot fewer lines.
>> Alan, I've just committed a fix in UnixLib for bug 174, could you try 
>> it and see if it fixes your original problem.
> The fix seems to work fine. I had to build a RISC OS native GCCSDK install
> to test it at the moment, but I assume that would be same if I had
> cross-compiled.
> As it is a fix in UnixLib I assume that just recompiling the main 
> program so
> it relinked was sufficient. i.e. I did not recompile all the other 
> libraries used
> by the program.

That's right, just a relink.  For anyone who hasn't yet, after an
SVN update, this is sufficient:

./built-it -r

Which just reruns the build process without all the clean, reconfigure
steps, etc.

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