[gccsdk] GCC 4.1.1 Assembler Help

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Fri May 1 17:54:58 PDT 2009

Ben Avison wrote:

> Even if this had been the intention, the Castle shared source licence would
> supersede it, and the shared source licence has no restriction on the tools
> used. ROOL has a policy of not accepting submissions unless they also
> continue to build with the Norcroft tools, but that should not stop anyone
> from compiling the sources with GCC.

Ok, that's good to know, and I guess we can assume the comments will be
updated in due course.  WRT GPL, it's important to note that there's
no practical distinction between static and shared library linking, so
perhaps the only newish issue here is the availability of the Castle
code.  The GPL was never made for systems like RISC OS in mind, so
it doesn't find exactly into the model, but it should be pretty
obvious for example that SWI calls are system calls.

In the specific instance of the Norcroft stubs, flexlib and probably
toolbox libraries, it can be definitely argued that these are essential 
"system libraries" which are generally available, and would normally
accompany the compiler:


Although the precise wording doesn't match exactly the RISC OS
case, it's my feeling that this is definitely the intent of the
GPL, and I don't see any problem here.

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