[gccsdk] Replacing UnixLib package with SharedUnixLibrary package

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Tue May 26 04:53:15 PDT 2009

I'm proposing to replace the UnixLib package that contains
the SharedUnixLibrary module with a package called SharedUnixLibrary.
The main differences between the packages are:
1. The package name has changed
2. The package version will be the version of the SharedUnixLibrary
3. The SharedUnixLibrary will be installed into !System as it is
   when people install it by hand, instead of a !UnixLib directory.
The main advantage of this change will be that we should end up
with only one copy of the SharedUnixLibrary on a users system.
The main disadvantage is that if the SharedUnixLibrary is already
installed when the packaging system is first deployed (or first
tries to install a package that requires it) the user will have to
move the existing SharedUnixLibrary out of the way as it will
show up in the conflicts window.
GCC4 will be modified so that it no longer looks for the
SharedUnixLibrary in the !UnixLib directory.
Initially the new package will appear when the GCCSDK4 packages
appear on the autobuilder site. It is my intention to add it to
the main RiscPkg site after that.
I don't believe this should effect any older packages that
have already been created as they will still be able to use
the old UnixLib package.
Programs compiled with GCC4 after I've made the change will
need to change their dependencies to the new SharedUnixLibrary
package and remove the dependency on the UnixLib package.
The NetSurf package I noticed already uses a SharedUnixLibrary
package and this package should not interfere with it. In fact
I suggest they use a copy of this package themselves once it
is available.
The requirement for this change has come about from discussion
with one of the GCCSDK developers and I have also discussed it
with Graham Shaw who maintains the UnixLib package.
I have mentioned this before and got no feedback, so I am going
to work on the assumption that if nobody comes up with any
objections in the next couple of weeks, I can go ahead and
am not going to cause anyone problems.
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