[gccsdk] Problems building crosscompiler

Steve Fryatt lists at stevefryatt.org.uk
Sun Nov 8 09:35:11 PST 2009

Jan-Jaap van der Geer <jjvdgeer at inbox.com> wrote:

> Anyway, using Ralph's suggestion worked (Thanks, Ralph!), so I now should
> have a working crosscompiler again.
> Looking at my temporary autoconf directory, I suppose it is not enough to
> symlink autoconf and autoreconf, but I should also have symlinked
> autoheader, autom4te, autoscan, autoupdate and ifnames.

I've been following this with interest, as I'm also trying to build a copy
of GCCSDK on Ubuntu 9.10.  In this case 3.4.6, as that's what I was using on
RISC OS and I'd like to get cross-compilation working on my projects with
that before changing anything else.

Anyway, I've made the changes Jan-Jaap suggests above, but the build still
fails with

gcc -o /home/riscos/cross/bin/arm-riscos-aof/3_4/cpp
/home/riscos/gccsdk/gcc/arm-riscos-aof/gcc-3_4/gcc/stage1/cppspec.o \
-L/home/riscos/gccsdk/gcc/arm-riscos-aof/libiberty/stage1 -liberty -lm
sed -e "/^@@ifobjc.*/,/^@@end_ifobjc.*/d" -e "/^@@ifc.*/d" -e
"/^@@end_ifc.*/d" c-parse.in > c-parse.y
bison -d c-parse.y -o c-parse.c
c-parse.y:1649.19-20: $$ for the midrule at $4 of `structsp_attr' has no
declared type
c-parse.y:1660.19-20: $$ for the midrule at $4 of `structsp_attr' has no
declared type
c-parse.y:1669.19-20: $$ for the midrule at $4 of `structsp_attr' has no
declared type
c-parse.y:1674.19-20: $$ for the midrule at $3 of `structsp_attr' has no
declared type
make[2]: *** [c-parse.c] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/riscos/gccsdk/gcc/gcc/gcc'
make[1]: *** [gcc] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/riscos/gccsdk/gcc/gcc'
make: *** [gcc-stg1] Error 2

Google doesn't turn much up: there are a couple of mentions concerning
building GCC for Microchip products, but no obvious solutions.

Anyone seen this before with the GCCSDK?  Am I using a too-recent version of

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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