[gccsdk] Problems building crosscompiler

Jan-Jaap van der Geer jjvdgeer at inbox.com
Sun Nov 8 10:44:40 PST 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 16:19 +0100, John Tytgat wrote:
> In message <1257692054.2209.19.camel at ubuntu>
>           Jan-Jaap van der Geer <jjvdgeer at inbox.com> wrote:

> > Looking at my temporary autoconf directory, I suppose it is not enough
> > to symlink autoconf and autoreconf, but I should also have symlinked
> > autoheader, autom4te, autoscan, autoupdate and ifnames.
> > Maybe I should do just that, so I do not need to remember to put this
> > tempdir in my path next time I want to build the compiler.

> Care to craft a little paragraph describing all this so we can add this
> to README ? :-) And/or a little patch for build-world or other relevant
> script ?

I would like to, but I am not sure if my own suggestion is a good one. I
did the above and removed the local copy of autoconf from my path and
then it was OK to compile the crosscompiler. So I was happy and thought
I had a solution.

However, I then continued to build a package with the autobuilder, which
then insisted on me installing autoconf2.13. Installing this did
something to /usr/bin/autoconf which is now a script which seems to
check from parameters which version of autoconf to call. I think (but am
not sure) that this was the script that was also there when it did not
work, right after installation of Ubuntu 9.10, so I suspect my setup
again will not work. I have not checked this, though.

Of course I could apply another round of symlinking, but I am not really
sure what to do with this script. Of course I could just scrap it, but I
am not sure about the consequences of that.

What is it that depends on autoconf2.13 anyway?


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