[gccsdk] Problems building crosscompiler

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sun Nov 8 14:06:26 PST 2009

Steve Fryatt wrote:

> However, things then seem to diverge from the README.  Section 3 still
> advises setting GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN=/home/riscos/cross/bin and
> prepending this to PATH, which is how version 3 worked.  The only problem
> is, ~/cross/bin contains a load of files prefixed arm-unknown-riscos- and so
> this doesn't seem to work (calling gcc as normal results in the standard
> compiler being used, as I'd expect).

/home/riscos is kind of a legacy thing, and doesn't have any particular
meaning.  A better setup which works just as well is something like:

<home> gccsdk/gcc4        (checked out)
              /autobuilder (checked out)
              /cross       (built by GCC 4)
              /env         (built by install-env and target for installs)
              /build       (autobuilder work directory)

> ~/cross/arm-unknown-riscos/bin does contain suitably names binaries, but if
> I try this path then #include<...> doesn't work as the compiler claims that
> it can't find the headers required (eg. stdio.h).
> Unfortunately, this is the point at which my limited knowledge runs out.  Am
> I missing something obvious here?

I don't really recommend having the compilers in your explictly in your 
  $PATH, and didn't know that was there.   I had be planning to try and
simplify some of the GCCSDK documentation, since I think it's a bit
confusing as it is.

There are a numbers of ways things can be done, all to support various
build setups.  If you have a Makefile, you probably want to call ro-make
to do the dirty work.

A simple Makefile might therefore look like this:


all: program,e1f

program,e1f: program.o


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