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Sun Nov 8 14:09:49 PST 2009

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> However, things then seem to diverge from the README.  Section 3 still
> advises setting GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN=/home/riscos/cross/bin and
> prepending this to PATH, which is how version 3 worked.  The only problem
> is, ~/cross/bin contains a load of files prefixed arm-unknown-riscos- and so
> this doesn't seem to work (calling gcc as normal results in the standard
> compiler being used, as I'd expect).

The prefix arm-unknown-riscos- is a standard way these days to indicate
that this is the cross-compiler for the arm-unknown-riscos- target.
It would be possible to drop the prefix (one of many configure options)
but that tends to confuse the build procedure based on autotools unless
you start massaging its options (and there are projects who need access
to the host compiler, i.e. gcc, to build a tool needed to build the
rest of the project).

For makefiles used for cross compilation, you can use something like:

  CC := $(wildcard $(GCCSDK_INSTALL_CROSSBIN)/*gcc)

And use $(CC) for specifying your compiler in the rest of your Makefile.

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