[gccsdk] Problems building crosscompiler

Steve Fryatt lists at stevefryatt.org.uk
Tue Nov 10 16:23:05 PST 2009

John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at aaug.net> wrote:

> You need OSLib 7 but that hasn't been released yet.  An older set of
> binaries can be found at <URL:http://joty.drobe.co.uk/oslib/>, if you use
> UnixLib as runtime library, take the softfloat one; if you use
> SharedUnixLibrary in your program, take the 'module' one (SCL build & SCL
> for module build should be the same for OSLib).
> > Is there a guide anywhere online to the changes with ELF?  From what I
> > can tell with Google, GCC V4 only works with ELF format binaries.
> Have a look at gcc4/riscos/dist/!GCC/docs/index.html which is the main
> page of !GCC documentation for the RISC OS build of gcc.

D'oh.  I never thought of looking there; sorry.

That seems to have answered most of my remaining questions, and (I think)
I've managed to get ELF versions of all the libs I need to build my own
software (I ended up building OSLib from the Autobuilder as per Peter's
suggestion -- it wasn't hard, and I now understand what the Autobuilder is

GCC now seems to be happy to accept the libraries (ie. not rejecting them as
an unknown format), but I'm getting linking errors such as:

uses hardware FP, whereas !RunImage uses software FP
failed to merge target specific data of file

All the libraries I've compiled myself (with the exception of OSLib,
perhaps) have had -mlibscl -mhard-float set, and the compile and link of the
project both do too, so that suggests that both sides should be using
hardware FP anyway.

Any suggestions on where to look?

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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