[gccsdk] Ports needing Love

alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 11 05:33:29 PST 2009

> Peter Naulls wrote on 7th Nov
>> alan buckley wrote:
>>> Peter Naulls wrote on 5th Nov 2009ish
> Well, last time I tried (a few months ago) all the games in the
> autobuilder compiled.  Some stuff has mad more recent and
> specific attention, but many things need packaging, and
> most things could do with a test.   Right now, I'm looking
> at lincity, which has some windowing issues.
> If there's any specific package you have concerns about,
> then we'll take a closer look, and try to work with whoever.
> In some cases, I expect the original RO porter is simply not
> interested (e.g OpenTTD), so as long as we make this clear,
> there shouldn't be a problem.
As far as I can see the following games aren't packaged:

I'll try to build them all and see where I get to.
Have I missed anything?
I'm pretty sure I was stopped from building glhack as
ncurses(?) wouldn't cross compile on Cygwin.
>> I'm now entirely set up for GCC4 only, so I assume I'd need
>> to have the latest UnixLibrary put in a package as well. Is
>> this the case or will the version used with GCC3 work with
>> GCC4 compiled programs as well? Are we at a position where
>> there is a stable UnixLib for GCC4 that can be used to
>> replace the one on the current riscpkg site for use with GCC3?
> I talked to John about this yesterday; the last 4.1 release
> was ok, but still marked beta and was some time ago, but
> is okish.  I updated 'make' which had a bad patch, and we still
> need some examples for shared libraries for the documentation.
> However, I don't think this should prevent anything you mention.
> There may yet be shared library issues (e.g. Firefox), but
> I haven't been able to check that, and I don't think there
> are any known technical issues that stop a release.
It would be nice to have a full official release, but what stops
the distribution is just the SharedUnixLibrary as it may stop
the programs from running (I guess).
>> I wanted to get the latest version of Wesnoth to work, but
>> unfortunately for me they've started using the cairo library
>> which there isn't a RISC OS port for. Peter I don't know
>> if you've managed to get anywhere with cairo yet, but if
>> you've got as far as getting a basic RISC OS framework to
>> compile I'd like to have a look and see if I could contribute.
> No, only what I hacked up quite some time ago:
> http://www.riscos.info/downloads/wip/cairo/
Thanks for the URL, I'll have a look at that when I get some
>> For a while I've been trying to write a alternative front end
>> to RiscPkg, but unfortunately I keep ending up with crashes
>> which may or may not be from GCC4's exception handling.
>> At the moment I'm going through another period of giving up
>> on it, but if anyone would like to have a look at where I've
>> got to so far, let me know and I'll try to put it up on my
>> drobe webspace. If it looks like it's worth pursuing to
>> others I may get my enthusiasm for it back.
> You don't want to just check it into the RiscPkg svn?  Either
> mainline as work in progress, or into its own branch?
My eventual intention was to put this and the C++ toolbox
library I used there, but I don't like the idea of putting
something else out there that may just end up just taking up
someones disc space.
I'll see if I can get a download of the current wip version
up on the web somewhere and see if I can get some feedback
on if it's worth pursuing.
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