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alan buckley alan_baa at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 12 05:29:14 PST 2009

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Sorry I seem to have accidently blocked
this list and Peters email address somehow.
I think I've fixed it now=2C but this message
may not be correctly threaded.
Peter Naulls wrote:
> alan buckley wrote:
>> =20
>> As far as I can see the following games aren't packaged:
[snip list]
I see I'd missed xpilot-ng

> Probably also=2C I'll want to try and rebuild and test anything
> not uploaded in the last 6 months to do due diligence.
I assume you leave the old versions if the new ones don't work.
I'm sure Wesnoth will no longer build because of the new
versions dependency on cairo.
I've now built digger. But I'm not sure about it's copyright.
Can you look at the digger.txt file and see if it will be OK
to ship it with this copyright? If it is=2C have you got the
sprite that was used when it was on the UPP still?
I've uploaded my package manager to:
please have a look at it and see if it's worth pursuing.
I'll probably ask on the riscpkg list as well.
> Also=2C on the matter of Strategus=2C its development has long
> since stopped=2C and been rolled into Bos Wars which has
> been suggested for a Xmas port.  Should we do one last build
> of Strategus=2C or remove it in favour of Bos Wars?
Please keep Strategus. It is the engine that is used to run
Wargus which allows you to play a game using the Warcraft
CDs. It probably doesn't need updating though.
Bos Wars would be a nice thing to have in addition=2C but it
doesn't replace Stategus for the above purpose.

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