[gccsdk] Ports needing Love

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Sat Nov 14 07:55:25 PST 2009

alan buckley wrote:
> =20
> I've now built digger. But I'm not sure about its copyright.
> Can you look at the digger.txt file and see if it will be OK
> to ship it with this copyright? If it is=2C have you got the
> sprite that was used when it was on the UPP still?

It was a very early addition, and the old archive I have only
has the binary.  It's really not a very good game ;-)  And yes,
it's a reverse engineer (as opposed to a clone) of the original
binary, so the copyright situation is pretty clear, even if the
guy wishes otherwise (if it were 25 years, it would be ok).  Also
the digger.org site seems to be down, so I had to get the source
from archive.org.  I think we can lose it.

> Bos Wars would be a nice thing to have in addition but it
> doesn't replace Stategus for the above purpose.

I have been playing Bos Wars on my fast Linux machine.  I'm
not sure it's polished enough yet (also has yet another
unhelpful build system).  In particular, it really slows down
once you add too many things, making it unplayable in practice.
Probably I'll do the port anyway, in anticipation.

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