[gccsdk] Ports needing Love

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Nov 17 09:13:00 PST 2009

alan buckley wrote:

> I assume you leave the old versions if the new ones don't work.
> I'm sure Wesnoth will no longer build because of the new
> versions dependency on cairo.

We do actually have "ports" of cairo et al, but they ultimately
fail due to fontconfig trying to find stuff.  E.g gnumeric very
quickly flashes up the spreadsheet grid then crashes.

I build the latest Wesnoth ok, but it gets stuck in a recursive
loop, seemingly chocking on trying to find home dir or something.
I didn't investigate, and I don't know the specific tie in with
Cairo in Wesnoth.

Having said that, the very latest pixman has issues despite my
recent hack (needs pixman_have_arm_simd), and pango doesn't build:

hb-open-type-private.hh:376: error: size of array 
'_static_assert_on_line_376_failed' is negative
hb-open-type-private.hh:377: error: size of array 
'_static_assert_on_line_377_failed' is negative
hb-open-type-private.hh:450: error: size of array 
'_static_assert_on_line_450_failed' is negative
hb-open-type-private.hh: In instantiation of 'Null<OffsetTable>':
hb-open-file-private.hh:69:   instantiated from here
hb-open-type-private.hh:67: error: creating array with negative size 
hb-open-file-private.hh:127: error: size of array 
'_static_assert_on_line_127_failed' is negative
hb-open-file-private.hh:163: error: size of array 
'_static_assert_on_line_163_failed' is negative

So, someone needs to look at these.

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