[gccsdk] Autobuilder build report

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Tue Nov 24 15:05:26 PST 2009

All the libraries, games and utilities build again.  Wesnoth might have
issues as previously discussed.  I'm uploading new versions of games
and utilities as I test them.

I'm ensuring everything has a canonical packaging format.  In short,
everything that uses AB_CATEGORY is out of date, as is everything
that doesn't have an explicit packaging step. I Still need to do some
things to address points JJ has raised.  Also, since library packaging
is nearly identical each time (headers, static libs, docs in one
package, shared libs in another) I will do something to make this
a single step.   This will greatly simplify things if global changes
need to be made later.

We now also build source packages by default, since we almost always
want this.

Here are the failures I still have:

/usr/src/gccsdk/autobuilder/build-libs -l .

./java/kaffe: (failed)
./browser/dillo: (failed)
./browser/chimera2: (failed)
./browser/elinks: (failed)
./network/knews: (failed)
./network/ctorrent: (failed)
./emulation/e-uae: (failed)
./emulation/bochs: (failed)
./develop/dmalloc: (failed)
./develop/clisp: (failed)
./graphics/tgif: (failed)
./graphics/gimp: (failed)
./terminal/putty: (failed)
./terminal/mutt: (failed)
./terminal/minicom: (failed)
./terminal/less: (failed)
./terminal/ircii-pana: (failed)
./media/soundtracker: (failed)
./office/abiword: (failed)
./office/gnumeric: (failed)

Attempts to repeat my builds are appreciated.

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